Loading our vehicle into the container

After researching shipping lines and freight forwarders etc on the internet we finally settled on the shipping company MSC and used Thunderbird Freight to arrange all the necessary details. Geoff at Thunderbird was  extremely helpful in guiding us through the process of shipping our vehicle and we would thoroughly recommend Thunderbird Freight.

On the 12th October we drove to Tilbury Docks and loaded Moby into a container bound for Montevideo, Uruguay on the cargo ship Maersk Leticia.

The Maersk Leticia left Tilbury on the 16th October and after calling in at various ports in Europe, started to sail to South America where its first port of call will be Santos in Brazil. The estimated date of arrival for the ship in Montevideo is 11th November and so we plan to fly out to Buenos Aires on the 7th.

We said a sad goodbye to our family, including a hug for Figo the dog, after having spent a really great 3 weeks with them all. We had been so busy with them that it was hard to focus on our forthcoming trip and although our Land Rover was already on its way, it was strange to think that we would also soon be in a different part of the world, beginning another adventure.

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One Response to Loading our vehicle into the container

  1. Luis says:

    I am interested in doing a similar trip soon! Could you let know the shipping costs? I would also be interested to have Adriana Radiccioni contacts ,if possible.
    Best Regards

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