Colombia 2 – Salento and the Valle de Cocora.

8th November –  Salento is in the heart of coffee country and is one of the region’s earliest settlements.  The adobe buildings surrounding the main square are amazingly well preserved, with brightly painted roof trims, windows, doors and balconies.  There is almost a wild-west feel here, with guys in their straw hats and ponchos (ruanas), a slow pace of life and plenty of coffee drinking!  The main street (Carrera 6) is full of restaurants and handicraft stalls, many of which have some really lovely artisan crafts from different parts of Colombia.

IMG 7387       IMG 7389

IMG 7394 IMG 7393

IMG 7409   IMG 7414

IMG 7418            IMG 7425

Jeeps and the ex-US military 4×4 Jeep Willys are lined up in the square, all lovingly restored by their owners.  These vehicles can be hired to explore the surrounding area or to take you into the nearby Valle de Cocora.

IMG 7417 IMG 7405

Salento is situated above the Valle de Cocora and a steep drive up from the main square, takes us to Alto de la Cruz, a hilltop mirador that provides spectacular views of this beautiful valley with many hiking trails.

IMG 7427

We drive back down and take the small road that winds through the valley floor, to the small hamlet of Cocora.  From here we are able to leave our  Land Rover in a guarded parking area and take a trail that climbs up into the forest.   Many plant species thrive in the mist and damp and rickety bridges cross many streams.

IMG 7493 IMG 7503

IMG 7489 IMG 7482

IMG 7487

IMG 7500

IMG 7466

IMG 7468  IMG 7469

Most people however, make a visit to the Valle de Cocora to see the towering wax palms that grow here.  This palm tree is Colombia’s national plant and it can grow between 60-80m in height.

IMG 7521

IMG 7532  IMG 7440

IMG 7452

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