Colombia 4 – Don’t miss out on Medellin!

19th – 24th November –  Many people have told us not to miss visiting Medellin, Colombia’s 2nd largest city situated in the Aburra valley in the department of Antioquia and surrounded by mountains.  It is often called the ‘City of Eternal Spring’ because of its year round, spring-like weather and the production of flowers grown in the nearby villages, which are exported throughout the world.  Every August, Medellin celebrates its wealth of flowers with a grand Flower Fair which draws hundreds of visitors and is accompanied by artists, musicians and dance groups.

It is hard to imagine Medellin as once having been recognised as the city with the world’s highest murder rate, due to bloodthirsty killings between rival drug gangs in the 1980s and 90s.

Today, this modern city has overcome many of its earlier problems and has progressed so far with its planning, culture, shopping, sport, education, medical facilities, industry and businesses, to have been awarded the title of ‘The most Innovative City in 2013’ by the World Bank,  beating many other large cities around the world.  Communities in outlying areas, no longer feel separated, due to excellent transport planning.  As well as an excellent network of buses, there is a metro system that connects both ends of the valley, cable cars and a tram service is being planned.  Cycle paths make it easy for cyclists, a popular form of transport, especially at the weekends.

Medellin really does welcome you with smiles everywhere.  We are finding this city a great place to explore and are really impressed!

With Christmas not far away, Medellin’s newest, superb Santafe shopping mall in the El Poblado district, provides luxury shopping with world-class names.  It is quite an eye opener to see the standard expected by wealthy Colombians.

IMG 7855 IMG 7858

IMG 7857   IMG 7864

We take the metro to the crowded downtown area, a world away from the above, full of street vendors, colourful stalls, noise and activity.

IMG 7915

IMG 8244

IMG 7883

IMG 8246

IMG 8342  IMG 8247

This busy Plaza Botero is one of the most important attractions in the city, named after Fernando Botero. These are just s few of his enormous sculptures of ‘everything fat’, that have been erected in the plaza.

IMG 7887  IMG 7894

IMG 7890  IMG 7940

IMG 7935  IMG 8250

A collection of Botero’s unique work is on display in the Museo de Antioquia also situated in the Plaza de Botero.  Inside, it is a very light and spacious gallery, well worth a visit.

Why does Botero paint fat people?  Fernando Botero is quoted to have said….”I fatten my characters to give them sensuality.  I’m not interested in fat people for the sake of fat people.”

IMG 8303  IMG 8310

IMG 8297        IMG 8280

IMG 8279    IMG 8296

Some more of Botero’s beautiful sculptures……..

IMG 8282           IMG 8284

IMG 8288

IMG 8291        IMG 8299

…….and some very interesting work from other artists.

IMG 8256     IMG 8258

IMG 8260      IMG 8267

IMG 8325

The ‘Rafael Uribe Uribe’ – The Palace for Culture and Heritage of Antioquia, is also located on Plaza Botero.  An unusual building that includes Gothic, English, Flemish and Spanish detail.

IMG 7953

IMG 7954   IMG 7875

During our second visit to this plaza, there’s a lively and colourful atmosphere as circus performers are entertaining the crowds, despite the showers….

IMG 7917 IMG 7903

IMG 7908 IMG 7906

IMG 7926 IMG 7923

……and within walking distance of Plaza Botero is the Basilica Metropolitana, said to be the biggest, oven-dried, brick cathedral in the world.

IMG 7947

IMG 7950

Another short journey on the metro takes us to the Botanical Garden ‘Joaquin Antonio Uribe’.  This lush garden is the oldest and most important park in Medellin and is certainly worth a visit.

IMG 8092

IMG 8106 IMG 7963

IMG 7961 IMG 8001

IMG 8064 IMG 8086 IMG 8066

IMG 8073 IMG 8000 IMG 8085

The Orchideorama is a very unusual structure of steel trunks and woven woodwork towering amongst the trees.  An orchid festival is held in August each year to coincide with Medellin’s flower festival.

IMG 8094 IMG 8090

A highlight of the garden is the beautiful Francisco Jose de Caldas Lake, covered with waterlilies, shaded by over-hanging trees and occupied by many little tortuga charapa and even iguana cooling off!

IMG 7968 IMG 7971

IMG 7973 IMG 7981

We came across more of these iguanas by the lake, such amazing and prehistoric looking creatures!

IMG 8008

IMG 8052 IMG 8038

IMG 8051 IMG 8055

IMG 8019

Our last stop is to treat ourselves to a special lunch in the very relaxing restaurant amongst the gardens.  This is our view as we sit by the open, glass doors……..

IMG 8079

……and these are our delicious desserts!

IMG 8081 IMG 8082

Not far from the Botanical Gardens is the Parque Explorer which has a building housing a vivarium and the largest freshwater aquarium in Latin America. Another fascinating place, where most guides speak English, are very knowledgeable and keen to answer any questions.

IMG 8154 IMG 8159

IMG 8166 IMG 8168

IMG 8131 IMG 8120

IMG 8198       IMG 8238

IMG 8213       IMG 8224

On our last morning, we walk to a little supermarket that is part of a shopping mall. The streets are deserted but as we near the entrance we can hear some very loud and lively music and discover people of all ages, wearing all kinds of sporty clothes, doing a keep-fit class on the forecourt.  Some obviously know the routine well whilst others need more practise but everyone looks as if they are enjoying themselves.  Dogs are tied to the railings and bicycles propped against the wall, people come and go as they feel……what a great way to begin a Sunday morning!

During our time in Medellin we stay in the Black Sheep Hostel (a very friendly place), the Ibis Hotel (which we decide is one of the best we have ever stayed in and with secure parking) and one night in the Ghl Comfort Hotel San Diego where the staff look after us and Moby so well and even present us with a book about Medellin when we leave.

La foto 1

We close our hotel room door and say goodbye to a great time spent in Medellin and with such friendly and helpful people.   What can I say except yes, it is also great to have a bit of luxury from time to time…..real towels, nice bathrooms, big comfortable beds, football on the TV for Bill and being able to retreat to a cosy room when it is pouring down with rain outside, as it did for one day and the whole day….when it rains here, it really rains!  Medellin is a great city and our advice is to be sure not to miss it!

But it is good also to be on the move again, to visit new places and today the sun is shining!  The Xmas lights are being erected as we leave the city, they follow the whole length of the Rio Medellin and will be a big attraction.  We are heading east, having to cross back over the Andes yet again but we don’t want to miss a visit to the salt mines at Zipaquira where there is a cathedral carved from the salt deep in the mines.

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