Mexico 3 – One of Oaxaca’s best kept secrets…….Hierve El Agua in the Central Valleys.

17th March – If it hadn’t been for another fellow traveller telling us about Hierve El Agua, we may not have discovered this unique and amazing place hidden in the Central Valleys of Oaxaca.

Our journey there takes us through the Zapotec town of Mitla, approximately 45km southeast of Oaxaca and then on to tiny Xaaga where a dirt road winds and climbs another 10 or 12km to 1800m through a scenic and mountainous landscape.

IMG 3355

                                                                              IMG 4178 

 IMG 3377

IMG 3374

IMG 3372

IMG 3363

IMG 3369

The mineral springs and bathing pools  at Hierve El Agua have a cliff top location and the panoramic views of the mountains and the valleys below, must surely be some of the most spectacular in Oaxaca.

IMG 4114

IMG 3620

IMG 3395

IMG 3515

The name Hierve El Agua means ‘the water boils’ and the springs here take their name from the bubbling of the water as it flows from the earth.  It is a popular destination for the local people but by late afternoon and early morning, we have this beautiful place to ourselves.

Massive waterfalls hang over the edge of the cliff face, appearing to be frozen to the side of the mountain.  These incredible formations have been built up over thousands of years from the mineral laden water spilling over the edge of the cliff and down the mountainside………similar in a way I would think, as to how stalactites are formed.

IMG 3409

IMG 3427

IMG 3439          IMG 3446

IMG 3442

IMG 3454

IMG 3430

Admission here is $15 and we are given permission to camp on the cliff top in the parking area above the pools, at no extra charge.  If you have a tent you can walk down to the pools and spend the night there.  A bathroom remains open in the large, half-completed development that has been built inside the entrance gate and during the day, there are hot food stands and stalls selling local crafts.

IMG 4136

IMG 3510

As we walk down to the pools early the next morning, the landscape before us is slowly revealing the layers of mountains as they unfold from their covering of mist.  The sky becomes bluer and colours become sharper as the first rays of sun filter through a cloudless sky.   It is a completely silent and magical place to share, as this panorama gradually reveals itself to another day.

IMG 3546

IMG 4084

IMG 3539

IMG 3537       IMG 3542

And then there is ‘the tree’…….casting its lonely shadow across a turquoise mirror…….

IMG 4094

IMG 3585

IMG 3588

….and deep green pools with fascinating mineral formations, as if they are set under glass.

IMG 4065

IMG 4057    IMG_4052.JPG

IMG 3535

IMG 4082

Later in the day we hike the trails that lead down into the valley.  From here it is possible to look up from the base of the ‘waterfalls’ for a different view and to have a closer look at the mineral formations and their colours.  This semi desert region provides plenty of interesting plant life and so many breathtaking views in every direction.

IMG 3392

IMG 3399

IMG 3397        IMG 3396

IMG 3459

IMG 3453

IMG 3610

Hierve El Agua is definitely one of Mexico’s best kept secrets, in an isolated area and well off the beaten track.  Although tours can be arranged to make a visit here, if possible it is best visited with your own vehicle so that you have plenty of time to explore this spectacular place!











































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  1. wow …amazing pictures

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