USA 11 – The majestic mountains of the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming… of our favourite parks.

 16th – 21st June 2014  – A grey day with some rain as we head north for the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.  We pass through Brigham City and then Logan, where the road takes us through Cache National Forest and then up and over Bear lake Summit at nearly 8,000 feet.   Vast Bear Lake looks as beautiful as it can under an overcast sky.  Residents believe that it changes its mood according to its colour, depending on the weather, wind and time of day.  Four species of fish that have adapted to the unique water chemistry of Bear Lake, can be found only in these waters and nowhere else in the world.

Native Americans such as the Shoshoni Indians, lived in Bear Lake Valley for thousands of years.


IMG 7102  


One half of Bear lake is in Utah, with the remaining half in Idaho through which we only travel a short distance before entering Wyoming……3 states in one day.  There’s a big drop in temperature here as we drive through Bridger National Forest, snow on the peaks of distant mountains but the lush, green valley full of wild flowers is like a ray of sunshine!


  IMG 7114


At Afton we stop for hot drinks in another downpour and are reminded that we are now in bear and elk country and hopefully some other big mammals too.


IMG 9698


IMG 7115


We’re feeling the cold as we arrive in Jackson at the southern end of the Grand Teton National Park.  Perhaps we should have looked at the weather for here before we left Salt Lake, as apparently the temperature is going to be down in the 30s F with a good chance of rain, sleet and snow…….it’s going to be a cold visit!


17th – 20th June  – The Grand Tetons we have decided, make up one of our favourite parks.  It certainly is not because of the weather, as we did get our fair share of all of the above, but these majestic and very dramatic mountains rise steeply from the valley floor and seem so close at times that we could almost reach out and touch them.


IMG 7274

IMG 7411

IMG 7428

IMG 7252

IMG 9838


The Grand Teton National Park includes vast areas of wilderness land protected under the National Wilderness Preservation System introduced in the 1900s by the tireless efforts of such people as Aldo Leopold, Olaus Murie and others, who wanted to protect and preserve this spectacular mountain range.

Here are some more photos to show why we think this park is a very special and unique place to visit……..


IMG 7195

Spring flowers bring colour to the valleys.

IMG 7239

IMG 7250

IMG 7199


Some of the amazing wildlife that we were fortunate to see……….

IMG 7248

We watch this moose browsing on willow shrubs at Willow Flats just north of Jackson Lake Dam.  This male is growing antlers which will continue to get much bigger through the summer.

IMG 7220

IMG 7473

We think this fox must have dug out these little critters from their hole for his next meal.  He has an amazing tail but looks a bit thin.

IMG 7178

IMG 7257

IMG 7138

A mule deer with her distinguishing, large ears.

IMG 7142

IMG 7433

Our first bison seen grazing along the Antelope Flats Road.  Incredible looking creatures but although they may look very cumbersome, they can actually run very fast.  We keep a safe distance taking photos!

IMG 7446


And yes, this is also bear country with plenty of warnings but we didn’t see one!

IMG 7277


Roads in the park take us past more spectacular views of mountains, valleys, lakes and rivers……..

IMG 7417

Mount St. John and Rockchuck Peak.

IMG 7352

The Snake River winding its way through the Tetons on its way to Idaho, having begun its journey in southern Yellowstone National Park just to the north of here.

IMG 7420

Mount Moran 12,605 feet, having five of the twelve glaciers in the Teton Range.

IMG 7339

Looking down to the valleys…….

IMG 7358

and the Sagebrush Flats…….

IMG 7317


The central peaks known as The Cathedral Group with the Grand Teton in the centre at 13,770 feet, the highest point in the range and which give way to alpine meadows…….

IMG 7414

IMG 7161


and at the end of the day the sun goes down over Jackson Lake.

IMG 0062


IMG 0091


“There are some who can live without wild                                             

   things  and some who cannot.

    I am one who cannot.”  

                                       Aldo Leopold                                                                                                                    





















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4 Responses to USA 11 – The majestic mountains of the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming… of our favourite parks.

  1. Norman Ribble says:

    OH! we love your Free Spirit and your pictures are absolutely wonderful. The last time we talked you had just been denied re-entry ot the US at Chicken. I deemed that to have been very ‘chicken’ and ridiculous by US Custom/Immigrations. If fact we apologize for the BS.

    Feliz Viaja

    Norm & Dottie >

    • defender95 says:

      How lovely to hear from you both, it seems a long time ago now that we were enjoying an evening with you in Dawson City along with Freddy and Ruth. We are meeting up with them today as our paths have crossed in Nova Scotia! We got a 6 month visa for the USA in Vancouver whilst staying on the island for a couple of months, so now we have no problem, but thank you for your sympathy! We love your free spirit too and hope you enjoy many more safe and happy travels.

  2. Graeme Wright says:

    Hola Bill and Rosemary,

    An absolute delight to have met you today (21 June 2015) in a very damp Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. Your web-site with the beautiful photos and fantastic script is just great.

    I will keep following …

    Best regards,

    “Graeme” …. (The Scotsman …)

    • defender95 says:

      Hi Graeme, great to have met you also today, shame it was so wet but fingers crossed for tomorrow’s weather as we have decided to spend another day here as it is such an interesting place. Thank you for your kind comments and glad you are enjoying our blog. Hope you can also fulfil your travel dreams in the future. Our very best wishes…..Bill and Rosemary

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