Chile photos

Torres del Paine Nacional Parque


IMG 1508  IMG 1509

IMG 1511  IMG 1517

IMG 1520  IMG 1521

IMG 1527  IMG 1528        IMG 1540  IMG 1532

IMG 1543 IMG 1575

IMG 1576 IMG 1581

IMG 1584 IMG 1585

IMG 1586 IMG 1629

IMG 1634 IMG 1641

IMG 1642 IMG 1653

IMG 1655 IMG 1668

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2 Responses to Chile photos

  1. marielle says:

    Hi Bill and Rosemary
    Great to be able to follow your adventure.
    We liked the river crossing!
    It doesn’t look like there is much wood to chop for a fire -although you’ve probably chopped enough in France for a lifetime or two…
    love, Mike and Marielle

    • defender95 says:

      Hi Mike and Marielle, many thanks for your comments…we still have to find wood for our kelly kettle but not the size we used to cut in France! Have just returned from an interesting trip to Parque El Rey east of Salta, had to share a shower with 3 fat frogs, a very large beetle and a little mouse and they had the cheek to ask to borrow our soap!! Love Bill & Rose

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